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Which risks do we investigate in our security audit?



Threat analysis and analysis of internal and external risks
Sercurity policy plan - Education - Training


Theft without violence or threat (the most common):



We audit 360 ° of the criminal risks over your entire company, we remedy and provide a participatory integrated action plan.


How does Crime Management prepare a threat analysis?


Security Audit Eng - Crime Management
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Crime Management starts where all others stop!

We audit on the basis of management techniques and with experience and practical knowledge of crime.


• Bomb report
• Suspicious letters or packages (bomb or powder letters, toxic products sent by mail)
• Bomb attack or the exploding of vehicles
• Arson
• Sabotage the electricity supply
• Threat, kidnapping and hostage-taking of personnel or management, kidnapping
• The hijacking of means of transport

Terrorism - Extremism in companies


• Manipulating production (eco-terrorist actions against fast food restaurants as well as against meat processing industries, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries, eg genetically modified organisms, animal studies, fur, goose liver)
• The release of hazardous substances
• Objects that contain a suspicious odor or spread smoke

Crime Management draws up a Business Continuity Plan:


The private sector is also a targeted target group for terrorist groups and must take into account a permanent potential terrorist threat.

It must be possible to bridge unexpected situations.

Terrorist attacks can cause significant damage as a result of their actions, which can have far-reaching consequences for the company's survival.

By drawing up a preventive plan, potential damage can be anticipated to safeguard the continuity of the business.