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What we do for you?


We reduce and prevent company fraud tailored to your company.


The Four Parts Of The Integrated Security Plan English
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Security Audit Eng Crime Management
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  • Crime management detects and evaluates all your possible internal and external threats and fraud.


  • Crime management does not take isolated measures and does not combat symptoms.


  • We carry out a security audit, analyze the security status of your company and remedy systematically.


  • With our method, we use criminal shrink globally and design an integrated security policy plan to prevent problems with crime (proactive intervention).


  • Upon request, we solve a specific security problem (reactive intervention)


  • Crime management periodically evaluates your security problem and checks the functioning of your security policy plan.


  • We provide security training (shoplifting, robbery, attacks).


  • Crime management provides security advice regarding (shop) theft, burglary, robbery.

Crime Management's methodology is to anchor safety awareness and associated safety alert in your company.


Sesurity policy is also partly personnel policy


How does Crime Management appeal to its own employees in the development of the security policy?


Good security habits form the necessary basis, say the foundation for a sound security policy.

Raise risk awareness among your employees for the damage caused by crime and make employees (jointly) responsible for the management of the goods.

Inform them, train them and make them co-owners of the security policy plan!


Record the security measures by providing the necessary procedures (instructions) in the security policy plan.

This makes it easier for personnel and managers to take on their security duties.


More profit with the same turnover due to lower criminal losses.
Crime Management can significantly reduce your loss due to internal fraud


Crime Management