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What do we stand for?

We want to be a partner in this fight against corporate crime.


Companies face significant losses due to fraud.

An average of € 200,000 per company will be lost in 2019 due to internal and external theft.


It can go so far as to endanger the survival of the company!


Managers do not always have the time, knowledge or insight to detect the causal link between fraud and its causes and to anticipate it by appropriate means.


We use business management techniques and combine them with our knowledge and experience in prevention strategies. The base of our structure is applying the PDCA circle technique and EFQM principles to safety issues.

An essential factor in this struggle is the employees of the company. 


In addition to leadership, procedure development, physical and electronic measures, the corporate safety plan of Crime Management will include an essential part of people management.


Employees are encouraged and sensitized to develop safety awareness and to be aware of the risk of crime in the company.


They form an essential link in the implementation and implementation of the safety plan, and for this reason, a behavioural change is needed.


We determine and use SMART objectives.


S.: Specific, clearly not interpretable

M.: Measurable

A.: Assigneble and supported by all involved

R.: Realizable within the possibilities

T.: Time-Based

The opportunity almost always makes the thief!
Crime Management investigates the possibilities of committing theft in your company and takes measures to stop criminal loss.


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