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How do we work ?


The EFQM organization theory


The Four Parts Of The Integrated Security Plan English
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Security Audit Eng Crime Management
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We always start from an audit in which a detailed photo is taken of the security situation of the company.


1. The results of this investigation are presented to the manager (s) as well as the pain points and how remediation can take place.

2. Subsequently, an integrated business security plan with appropriate measures is worked out to stop and prevent the causes of business fraud.

3. The organizational security measures form the basis and are supplemented by physical and electrical security means.

4. The plan includes a synergy between the necessary safety measures and day-to-day business activities.

5. Security measures may not hinder the work.

6. As soon as the management agrees with the plan, it is implemented.

7. A management briefing always precedes the training sessions for staff and the installation of the material security means (physical - electronic - IT).

8. In the spirit of the PDCA circle, drawing up an evaluation plan with concrete measuring points is the very last step.



We advise the management to conduct an annual evaluation linked to adjustments and to set up bi-annual follow-up training courses to limit the security awareness of employees.


Regarding the quality of security, Crime Management investigates problems that often arise from: 



We plan to measure, on feasibility and effectiveness



The first step to adequate safety is the preparation of a security policy plan after a safety audit and analysis, the implementation and communication to employees is the second stage, and the check on compliance with the regulations forms the final piece.

Safety regulations must not hinder the smooth operation of the company. It is, therefore, necessary to draw up the security policy plan in consultation with the workplace after meeting with management.

It is undeniably necessary to ask employees when the plan is being drawn up because they are well placed to provide information about the feasibility of specific security measures, whether practical or not.

(see SMART objectives).


The plan provides for procedures that will form the organizational basis for implementation. The physical and electronic resources are a necessary supplement that will only function properly if the workplace recognizes the application of the plan.

To prevent extinction, a check as a final piece is necessary; otherwise the application will die out after a particular time.

Or even worse, the rules are circumvented to commit fraud again


The checks are carried out by the company's security chief or a security officer, but can also be carried out externally by

Crime Management.


Crime Management