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Who are we?

  • Freddy Carlier
  • Former prevention officer and head of prevention department Police Ghent,
  • Honorary Chief of Police
  • Honorary Chief of Police of Ghent
  • Former guest lecturer KUL Permanent education HIVA General prevention, Physical security methods
  • Education "Quality expert of services", CKZ West Flanders
  • Education "Extortion by hostage-taking and kidnapping", Kortrijk Institute for Quality Assurance


High Skills Expert - Freddy Carlier

Introduction ENG Crime Management
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The Four Parts Of The Integrated Security Plan English
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Security Audit Eng - Crime Management
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Have you ever thought of an objective external security audit?

We audit based on management techniques and with experience and practical knowledge of crime.


We develop a customised solution for your company by drawing up a

Participative Integrated Security Policy Plan to combat the INTERNAL and EXTERNAL fraud and the reduction of your criminal loss.


Crime Management does NOT trade in devices, we do NOT work with undercover or physical persons


The preparation of a security policy plan by Crime Management


The preparation of an integrated security policy plan for the development of security policy is a task for management.
Concerning security issues, the security of employees at the workplace, the prevention of accidents at work is legally determined and is subject to imperative rules of law.
Concerning security, the prevention of damage / loss of profit due to crime, it is not legally imposed, but it is necessary for a company to be able to guard itself against external threats and internal fraud.

Positive indirect consequences for employees due to the presence of Crime Management


There are positive indirect consequences to the implementation of the security policy plan:


It makes it clear to the staff that they are serious about tackling the security problem.

Employees realize that management is aware of internal fraud.

As a result of the development of safety awareness, employees will also focus on safety issues and a brake on the temptations for internal fraud.

Our focus is 80% on INTERNAL fraud and 20% on external fraud!

Crime Management